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Hemp seed oil is obtained by pressing hemp seeds and is used for nutritional purposes due to its perfect ratio of essential fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6 and GLA). High-quality hemp seed oil is dark green in colour with a light, nutty taste and very easy to use.


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Health Benefits

Alpha-linolenic acid (a member of the group of essential fatty acids) found in hemp seed oil lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Essential Fatty Acids

Hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, such as linoleic (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3), which cannot be produced within the body and must be acquired through diet.

Rich Source

Hemp seed oil is a rich source of other essential fatty acids, which is why it is increasingly recommended by experts. More about essential fatty acids.

Alpha-Linolenic Acid

Contributes to maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels.

Experts on Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil has a high nutritional value due to its exceptional ratio of linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid. This is followed by rapeseed oil, mustard oil, walnut oil and soybean oil (its benefits are disputable since most soya crops are now genetically modified). If these oils are used to meet human daily requirements for linoleic acid, the requirements for alpha-linolenic acid are also covered. For other dietary purposes it is therefore recommended to use olive oil, a source of monosaturated fatty acids, coconut and palm oil, as well as animal fats (to a smaller degree).

Cold pressed oils should never be exposed to high temperatures, which means they should not be used to cook or fry food. When consuming polyunsaturated fats it is important to increase the intake of antioxidants and fibres (fruit, vegetables) to protect fats from oxidation.


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Usage and Consumption

Hemp seed oil should be used in cold dishes since most of its health benefits are destroyed by high temperatures in cooking. It can also be consumed by the tablespoon or added to various dishes.

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Recipes with hemp seed oil

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» Smoothies


Main courses

Zeleni konopljin smoothie

May 15, 2015
Sestavine: •    1 banana, narezana na kose •    4 žlice konopljinega olja •    1 skodelica grozdja, brez koš?ic •    1 sadni jogurt, hruška •    ˝ jabolke, brez koš?ic •    1 ˝ skodelice svežih špina?nih listov Priprava: Sestavine v blenderju dobro premešamo – do gladkega. Zaradi sestavin je ta smoothie odli?en za razstrupljanje telesa.

Rižota z zelenjavo, piš?ancem in konopljo

May 15, 2015
Sestavine: • 450 g riža po želji • 250 g piš?an?jega fileja, narezanega na kocke • 1 ?ebula, sesekljana • ľ litra jušne osnove • 2 žlici olivnega olja • 1 rde?a paprika, sesekljana • 1 koren?ek, nariban • 100g konzerviranega graha • 1 strok ?esna • 4 žlice konopljinega olja • ˝ skodelice luš?enih konopljenih semen Priprava: Na olivnem olju prepražimo ?ebulo, da zlato porumeni, nato dodamo na kocke narezan piš?an?ji file in ga nekoliko pope?emo. Dodamo paprika in koren?ek ter nekoliko dušimo. Ko voda povre, dodamo riž in dobro premešamo, nato zalijemo z jušno osnovo. Ko ve?ina osnove povre, dodamo grah in drobno sesekljan ?esen, ter spet premešamo. Ko je jed kuhana jo odstavimo in po?akamo, da se nekoliko ohladi in da se okusi povežejo. Tik preden jed serviramo vmešamo konopljina semena in konopljino olje. Okrasimo s parmezanom in svežimi zeliš?i.

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Sveži smoothie z jagodami in konopljo

May 15, 2015
Sestavine: • 1 ˝ skodelice jagod, brez pecljev • 2 dcl jagodnega soka • 1 jabolko, brez koš?ic • ˝ skodelice konopljinega proteina • 4 žlice konopljinega olja Priprava: Sestavine zmešamo v blenderju in postrežemo hladno. Po želji med mešanjem dodamo žli?ko nastrganega svežega ingverja. Okrasimo z jagodami.

Aromatizirano konopljino olje

May 15, 2015
Sestavine: • 1 skodelica konopljinega olja • 1 strok ?esna, sesekljan • Zeliš?a – origano, rožmarin, majaron, bazilika, žajbelj, … • ?ili, posušen, 1 kos Priprava: Konopljino olje si lahko na skrajno enostaven na?in aromatizirate po svojem okusu in nato uporabljate kot solatni dressing, ga dodate k mesu in zelenjavi ali ga uživate na žlico. V kolikor boste k olju dodajali svež ?esen, ga pripravljajte v manjših koli?inah, saj se z dodatkom svežih sestavin obstojnost zmanjša. Sicer olje prelijte v posodico, ki jo lahko kasneje zaprete in dodajte zeliš?a po želji. Zaprite in postavite v hladilnik za nekaj dni, da se okusi premešajo.

Hladna kremna juha iz konopljinega olja, kumar in jogurta

May 7, 2015
Sestavine: • 1 kg kumar, olupljenih in o?iš?enih pe?k • 4 dl jogurta • 4 žlice konopljinega olja • 1 dl smetane za kuhanje • 1 strok ?esna • sol • poper • koper Priprava: O?iš?ene kumara skuhamo v pari, nato ohladimo in zrežemo na koš?ke. Z mešalnikom jih zmiksamo, dodamo jogurt in smetano, sol, poper in stisnjen ?esen. Tako pripravljeno juho za nekaj ur postavimo v hladilnik. Nato jo prelijemo v servirne posodice in okrasimo s koprom.

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Namaz s skuto, zeliš?i in konopljinim oljem

May 15, 2015
Sestavine: • 250 g – Sveža skuta • Pol skodelice – Konopljino olje • 2 veliki žlici – Mleta rde?a paprika • Sok 1 limone • 1 jedilna žlica – Sojina omaka • ?esen, stisnjen – 1 strok • Origano • Majaron • Sol Priprava: V primerno veliki posodi ali blenderju vse sestavine dobro premešamo. Origano in majaron lahko uporabimo sveža ali posušena, dodamo ju po ob?utku. Po želji dodamo nekaj vode – odvisno od gostote, ki jo želimo. Za pikantno razli?ico dodamo svež ?ili ali ?ili v prahu. Postrežemo s svežim ali pope?enim kruhom, krekerji,…

Sveži sir s koprivami in konopljinim oljem

May 15, 2015
Sestavine: 1 kg svežega sira 1 skodelica drobno zrezanih ali zmletih kopriv 5 žlic konopljinega olja 1 š?ep soli Priprava: Koprive uporabimo surove. Zmeljemo jih v mesoreznici ali s pomo?jo pali?nega mešalnika; za lažje mešanje po potrebi dodamo malo vode. Nato jih zmešamo s skuto, posolimo ter vmešamo konopljino olje. Jemo s kosi zelenjave ali s kruhom. Jed namesto s svežim sirom pripravimo tudi s skuto, Razlika v obeh mle?nih izdelkih je ta, da je skuta narejena iz sirotke in vsebuje lahko prebavljive albumine in globuline, sveži sir pa iz mleka ter vsebuje kazein. Recept prispeval: Dario Cortese

Characteristics of

Canadian Hemp Seed Oil

Exceptionally High Content of GLA

Gamma-linolenic acid, one of the most desirable acids to be found in oils, is one of the indicators of oil’s quality. Our hemp seed oil contains 3.9 g of it per 100 ml of oil, which is an exceptional result.


Hemp seed oil “cold-pressed with love” is produced by the Canadian company Hemp Oil Canada, the leading manufacturer of hemp food products, known for their superior quality.

Seed Origin

All products have full traceability since we believe it is important to know everything about the product. Only seeds grown in Canada are used in the production of hemp seed oil.

Hemp Variety

The Canadian hemp food industry is very well-developed and one of their aims is to produce hemp food products containing the highest amount of essential fatty acids. In the production of hemp seed oil the varieties Finola, Crag and Cfx are used.

Other characteristics

of our hemp seed oil

Controlled seed origin - Canada100%
Organic production 100%

Produced in Canada to the strictest standards

Cold-pressed and cold-filtered

Maximum pressing temperature 40 degrees °C

Produced from selected hemp varieties

Always freshly pressed and packaged

Filtered using MicronMesh system

No sediments

The only oil certified with FSSC:22000 certificate

Safe food

Certified for Kosher and Halal

Konopljino olje sem za?ela uporabljati pred leti, ko sem se na podiplomskem študiju bolj podrobno ukvarjala z maš?obnokislinsko sestavo živil. Pomen konoplje v prehrani je bil popolnoma zanemarjen, ob promociji olj bogatih z omega 3 maš?obnimi kislinami, se o izredno ugodnem ramerju med n-3 in n-6 maš?obnimi kislinami v konopljinem olju ni govorilo nikjer. Ko sem za?ela z uživanjem hladnega konopljinega olja so se mi še vsi ?udili, danes pa ga uživa veliko znancev. Poleg hrane ga v kombinaciji z olj?nim oljem in kakavovim maslom uporabljam tudi za nego kože.


Že dalj ?asa uporabljam kanadsko konopljino olje, najpogosteje ga uživam v namazih s svežimi siri.

Hedvika Gosten?nik,